Damper Kit Mustang 2005-14
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tech notes

  • Fits 2005-2010 Mustang GT and Mustang V6
  • Will fit 2011-2014 Mustang GT and Mustang V6. Requires Ford Racing springs and upper strut mounts M-18183-C
  • Dynamic Suspension Strut/Shock, same manufacturer as Mustang road race car
  • Unique FRPP performance tune
  • Designed specifically for lowered vehicles
  • Mustang GT coupe owners: Use with M-5300-K or M-5300-P springs and M-5490-A sway bar kit for optimum performance
  • Mustang V6 coupe owners: Use with M-5300-N springs and M-5490-C sway bar kit for optimum performance
  • Note:Some factory fasteners are one time use. Please reference a Ford service manual for reuse information and correct torque specifications. Requires checking alignment after installation.
  • Item #: M-18000-A
  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M-18000-A

Damper Kit Mustang 2005-14

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