Crankshaft Damper 302
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tech notes

  • Ford Racing Performance Crankshaft Dampers are used on most Ford Racing Pushrod Crate Engines
  • Billet steel construction, meets SFI 18-1 requirements
  • Elastomer style harmonic vibration damper
  • Laser etched timing marks and Ford Racing logo
  • 3 and 4 bolt pulley mounting holes
  • Clear powdercoat finish
M-6316-A50**302 (1981-93)50 oz.-in.Meets SFI 18-1 1,2,3,512.1
M-6316-C351*302/351W28.2 oz.-in.Meets SFI 18-1 1,2,3,611.5
M-6316-A460*429/460NeutralMeets SFI 18-110.1
M-6316-A521*514/521NeutralMeets SFI 18-1410.1
M-6316-D302*302/351WNeutralMeets SFI 18-13,610.6

NOTES: 1 Damper has removable weight that allows use as a neutral balance unit for internally balanced crankshafts. 1994-01 Mustang and Explorer requires modification. 2 Does not clear early timing chain cover with rear installed seal. 3 3.000-inch. overall length 4 Tuned for use on 521 crate engine. 5 Passenger side 11-o'clock timing marks only. 6 Passenger side 11-o'clock timing marks and drivers side 2-o'clock timing mark

  • Item #: M-6316-A50
  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M-6316-A50

Crankshaft Damper 302

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