Control Pack-4.6L 3V Etc
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tech notes

  • Take the complexity and mystery out of wiring a late model 4.6L 3V engine!
  • Designed to run the 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L 3V engine with stock camshafts and manual transmission
  • Includes PCM with Ford Racing calibration
  • Includes Ford Racing cold air kit M-9603-GTB minus the Pro-Cal tool (PCM included with the Control Pack already contains the Ford Racing calibration)
  • Includes Electronic Throttle Control accelerator pedal eliminates throttle cable routing problems
  • Unique body harness replaces stock body harness and is designed for streetrod installation
  • Features OBD-II diagnostic port to assist in vehicle calibration upload and problem diagnosis
  • Includes unique downsized power distibution module, inlet tube, MAF sensor with bolts, and EGO sensors
  • PCM with Ford Racing calibration requires return type fuel system, will not work with returnless fuel system 
  • NOTE: Installation of this PCM in a 2005-2010 Mustang GT will result in a no-start condition. See "Tip sheets" for more tech tips about E.F.I.
  • NOTE: Requires 2007-2009 Mustang GT manual transmission engine harness

Mustangs and Fords Magazine is working on a "resto-mod" 1968 Mustang project that will use the controls pack with a 3-valve modular engine. For a review of the control pack, visit the Mustangs and Fords website.

  • Item #: M-6017-463V
  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M-6017-463V

Control Pack-4.6L 3V Etc

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